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The whitest soup alive is about a year old now, counting over 10000 visits from about 800 unique people. This blog was viewed from Austria, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Australia, France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Spain, Serbia, Canada, Finland, India, Bosnia, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Taiwan, Ukraine, UK and the US (wow). Thanks everyone.

So far so good. You have probably noticed that my posting frequency got really low in 2012, from 4 posts a week to about 2 posts a month which has of course decreased the traffic drastically. This has several reasons, first off, is a real sucker to work with, it has insane downtimes + errors and customisation is almost impossible. The next thing is a problem that most music blogs struggle with this year. Producers are putting out a shitload of tracks in a total rush to maintain awareness while pushing quality to a pretty low level. It's sad to see that good music has become really rare nowadays. Anyways, enough of the complaining, the most important reason for all the inactivity is that I work a lot these days and barely find time to keep an eye on the blog, even though I would really like to do so.

What else is there to say? Well, of course I will update the whitest soup alive every now and then but if you really want to keep track of which new tracks I like I recommend you to follow me on Soundcloud(.com/whitest-boy-alive). Thanks to all the faithful people who like the blog and still come here every now and then (yeah, talking to you. why else would you still be here, reading this crap?) Have a tremendous week everyone!

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A.G.Trio // // debut album out now

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Brand new remix by my swedish buddies "Death by Badger" (formerly known as The Watchmaker and Turn It Off!) for the Kimbra remix contest on Earmilk records.

Enjoy this song, follow them on Soundcloud ( and make sure to listen to their older tracks listed below as well.

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